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Magnepan MMG and MG12 speakers sound better when they are elevated and held perpendicular to the floor. The Sound Anchor Speaker Stands for MMG and MG12 speakers hold the speakers perpendicular to the floor and give the Listener 4 height options. This allows the listener to raise his speakers to the desired height for best sound. They bolt directly to the existing mounting holes on the back of the panel so no speaker modifications are necessary.

The first improvement that you will hear when you mount your MMGs or MG12s to Sound Anchor Stands is a larger more transparent soundstage. Next the image placement, image size and focus are all improved. You may also hear an improvement in bass resolution depending on the room. What you will not hear is any change in frequency balance or musical timbre.

The MMG stand and MG12 stands are not the same stands. They share the same uprights but the length of the horizontal cross piece that connects the uprights to each other is different.

Sound Anchors MMG and MG12 Stands are equipped with 4 heavy duty floor spikes. They provide a stable and rigid support for your speaker. Sound Anchor Stands are an easy cost effective upgrade for any serious audiophile with MMGs or MG12s who wishes to improve the performance of his or her speakers.
Do You Need Conecoasters?
If you have hardwood or tile floors and are concerned about using the spikes that came with your Sound Anchor Speaker Stands fear no more these stainless steel disks will not only protect your floors they will also improve performance. Click here >
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