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803-804 NSD

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The Sound Anchor 803 NSD and 804 NSD Bases are an easy effective way for any audiophile with these speakers to improve his systems performance. All aspects of performance are improved when you set your 803s or 804s on Sound Anchor bases. Bass is tighter, punchier and more articulate, mids are more open and detailed. Overall your speakers will be more musical and natural.
The Sound Anchor 803 NSD and 804 NSD Bases are simple T bases that elevate the speakers 2 1/2 inches. They are 12" wide which gives the speakers a wider more stable footprint. The different materials and special internal damping reduce energy transfer from the speaker to the floor. This ensures that the stand adds no sound character of its own and makes the system more transparent and harder to locate in the room as the sound source.

The 803 NSD and 804 NSD bases have three spikes to enhance stability and mass loading. The 803N NSD and 804NSD stands are made so that the speakers can be tilted back slightly if desired. This enhances imaging and makes the sound stage larger.

Sound Anchor B&W 803 NSD and 804 NSD Stands are hand crafted in the USA. They are made of 14 and 16 gauge steel tubing along with 1/2 in. aluminum bar. They come pre-filled with special materials to make them acoustically dead and add mass. The Speaker is located on the stand with a 2 M-6 screws. The interface between the speaker and the stand is four of our special bluedots. These stands are finished in an attractive light textured black. This finish goes well with all of B&W's cabinet finishes.
Do You Need Conecoasters?
If you have hardwood or tile floors and are concerned about using the spikes that came with your Sound Anchor Speaker Stands fear no more these stainless steel disks will not only protect your floors they will also improve performance. Click here >
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