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Sound Anchor Stands for Magnepan MG 20 speakers pick up where the standard feet leave off. They address the issues of stability, rigidity and the ability to adjust tilt height, and level. These things are important if you wish to get the most performance from your speaker system.

Sound Anchor MG 20 Stands consist of a welded tubular steel base that uses 3 heavy duty adjustable spikes for leveling and a tubular steel top section that fastens to the speaker. The two sections are bolted together in a way that allows the speaker to be tilted forward or backward. Two turnbuckles are used to adjust the speaker tilt angle and make the whole structure more rigid.

The sonic benefits of placing a speaker on spikes and holding it more solidly are known and accepted throughout the audio world. The Sound Anchor Magnepan Stand has one more thing to offer. The adjustable tilt feature allows the audiophile to tune the sound staging and imaging characteristics of the system. When the speaker panels are set up perfectly vertical the speakers are quite transparent and throw a very wide but somewhat undefined sound stage. When the panel is tilted forward a few degrees the sound stage becomes more defined and the images get more precise. Some MG 20 owners have also reported an improvement in bass performance when they put their speakers on our stands but bass improvements are room dependent.

What you will not hear is any degradation of any aspect of the characteristic Magnepan sound that lead you to purchase these speakers. The transparency is the same, the expansive soundstage is the same and the frequency balance is the same.
Sound Anchor MG 20 Stands are an easy to install cost effective upgrade for any serious audiophile who listens to Magnepan MG 20s.
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